Who wants to make Cash at Home?

I know I have always wanted to. As a matter of fact I tried many things to make cash at home. I started Ebay in 2001 and did pretty good. I started online auctions and even started a retail store buying liquidated products from major retailers. I started local online auctions and had one day pick up at our store and warehouse.

I have always wanted to make cash at home.

So how do people do it?

Why are so many Americans flocking to the computer to find ways to make cash at home?

Well the American Economy is one major factor. Another major factor would be all the resumes that they compete with. Another factor is the GAS prices. It takes an average American $10.00 a week to drive around to interviews.  Another major factor is the fact that, It has never been easier to make cash at home.

If you are looking to make cash from home, you do not want to spin your wheels searching all kind of opportunities. You want to do your research to make cash at home.

Making cash from home is easy if you have the right product to promote, if you have the right training and if you have the right support. If you find those three things you will make cash from home. Period!

Now there are many opportunities available.

These are some proven ones that pay me cash at home.

cash at home

cash at home

cash at home cash at home


cash at home

You can email me about any of those businesses and I will teach you how to make cash at home. Making cash at home is as easy as having a computer, having internet access, phone, bank account and having a online merchant account (PayPal) (WePay) (alert Pay) ect.

So when people say that making cash at home is a scam, I have to chuckle. They seem to have a narrow mind to the fact that YOU CAN make cash at home. YOU CAN find ways to bring cash at home right in to your bank. YOU CAN make residual cash at home on a daily residual.

So the point here is this, there will always be people that are doubters, skeptical, small minded and just want to run with the heard. You know the old saying “That’s NOT a Job” and “you need to make hourly wage” and “move ahead in the corporate world.”

cash at home


Don’t Be THIS GUY!

But the people that take the step to make cash at home, will find out how easy it can be to make cash at home. Just don’t be that guy. You can research online for opportunities for days, weeks, months and still not find what works. To make cash at home, you need experts that have already tried all those things.

When you are in the business of online marketing and making cash at home, you will feel on top of all the new businesses that come out. Until then, when your new at making cash at home, you will need a starting point of actual businesses that work. Businesses that have been tried, proven, and successful.

cash at homeYou need an expert, or a few experts like myself to get you started with the easiest and cheapest way to make cash at home. When you are starting out, it can be over whelming, but with the right trainers, mentors, and tools……


So Join me in this venture and we will all succeed together. We have training for every business we are in and we have  Facebook groups to support you in all your ventures. You can always contact me and we can get you making cash at home.

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Justin Middaugh

Cash At Home Expert


Work for Cash at home.

Cash at home is easy.

But you will have to work for cash at home.

Cash at home, start today!




Ping-O-Matic is a great Ping Tool!

I have been doing a lot of tests on the Ping-O-Matic Blog tool. I have found great results. I wrote a blog about the best online business I am involved in. I pinged it on Ping-O-Matic and look what happened!



That’s Right! That is my blog on top! First on Google! “The Empower network business”

If you notice, the thing that is wonderful about Empower network, is you can actually post a blog and move above the actual companies website..Pretty Cool Huh? 

We are not here to talk about Empower Network (Can not help it, It’s so exciting)

Although I am..see the blog platform with Empower network is already built with the power of relevance on Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL and most other search engines.

Ping-O-Matic is just the tool you need to enhance the tools already built in, with your Empower network Blog. Sure there are many other things that come in to play to get your blog ranked high. SEO is the most important as you may know.  That is another blog at another time. (Be sure to follow my website for more SEO TIPS)

So back to my review on Ping-O-Matic. 

Ping-O-Matic is the easiest thing to do.

  1. Find your keyword Google Keyword Tool
  2. Create your blog. (Make it interesting)
  3. Tune it up the best you can with your SEO tools
  4. Go to Ping-O-Matic 
  5. Ping-O-Matic your blog!

Ping-O-Matic is easy. You put the title of your blog, your blog link, and your blog feed (Feed is optional but highly recommended)


Then Click on the Ping-O-Matic links to PING your Blog.



Send thePing-O-Matic Pings!! That’s it with Ping-O-Matic.

This is a simple way to Ping your blogs, and Ping-O-Matic will help you get rated by Google, Yahoo, Bing and ALEXA Rankings, if you have your own web site.

If you do not have your own site, there is a special pre-launch community you can take advantage of NOW! The first 100 members get a steal of a deal, and are governed in for life.

6 websites for $19.99 a YEAR!

Having a website helps with Ping-O-Matic because you can put in your feed as well as get Branded online. Ping-O-Matic still works if you are using a word press blog on any platform.

Still the best way to blog is:

Empower Network

With Empower Network, you have built in SEO tools and an Alexa Ranking in the 800 as of this writing. So Empower network not only gives you the BEST blog training on the planet, it also gives you a blog machine that is ranked high by Google, Yahoo and all the other search engines.


Then you can enjoy the benefits of  Ping-O-Matic. With this tool it seems to hit the search engines quick. Ping-O-Matic seems to have the respect of the internet and Ping-O-Matic has the respect of this blogger.

If you want to learn more about blogging and Ping-O-Matic you can learn more by CLICKING HERE!

Ping-O-Matic is Awesome

The Ping-O-Matic blogging tool.

The Ping-O-Matic ping tool.

Ping-O-Matic Read my other blogs about Ping-O-Matic, SEO, Blogging and Marketing. 
Enjoy your new Ping-O-Matic Tool. Ping-O-Matic will be good to you.

The Empower Network Business


Empower network Business

Have you wondered what all the buzz is about with the Empower network business?

Empower network business

Well let me ask you a few questions….

Do you want to make 100% commissions with every referral?

Do you want that, 100% Commission to come in every month?

Do you want to grow your down-line to a daily income?

Do you want to see your income grow to $500-$700-$900 even a $1000 a day?

Do YOU want to do business worldwide, in this Global economy?

If you answered YES!Empower Network Business is for you

Then you have to build an Empower network business.


The Empower network business is geared towards constant growth.

If you think about it, you sign up referrals in to your Empower network business and you do that at least 3 referrals a day, just think about it. That would be $75.00 a day you are adding to your daily income. (minus the pass-ups)

If you think about it, having a Empower network business will let you create your own destiny. You will have your own residual future in your hands. The Empower network business let us do that. Empower network business lets us build and dream for the future.

Empower Network business

The Empower network business is the fastest way to grow a lead list that trusts you as well as building a daily residual. Remember I said DAILY residual. When you sign someone up with the Empower network business they pay you when they join. So every month, if Johnny signed up on the 21st of the month, you will be paid by your Empower network business on the 21st of the month from Johnny.

So if you REALLY think about it…that is daily residual income..


Yes, in the years I have been online marketing, I have never came across any type of compensation program that Empower network business offers, and has designed. NONE!

So it comes down to this.

You have to figure out what you are going to do with the future of your life. Here you were introduced to the Empower network business, and you want to better yourself and build a future for yourself. But then again, Setting up an Empower network business will cost me $25.00 and $19.95 merchant account fee. The Empower network business costs money and i want a future but I do not want to pay any money to start.

Well the Empower network business uses a word quite frequently. It seems to some to be offensive, but if you think about it, if they felt offended, this might not be for them. That is what is genius about The Empower network business. It weeds out the people that will never make it work. That by itself, is a blessing for those people. Why spend time marketing the Empower network business, if you do not believe.

You do not believe in yourself or the Empower network business. You do not know what you are capable of. You do not know what your built of , and what you can do as a FREE human being. The Empower network business is not for you.

The offensive word we, as Empower network business owners is this;


So if you are not a Wussy, and you want to build for you future, then build the Empower network business.

Empower network business is for the marketer that has the BIG vision and the Fast/Short term vision.

You can build the Empower network business fast!

You can build the Empower network business slow.


Check out my other blogs on the Empower network business.

Empower network business

Check out my other blogs on the CopyPasteCash front end system.

Copy Paste your way to CASH CopyPasteCash.com an online University?

Persistence is KEY-Persistence will take you all the way

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Justin Middaugh





Empower network blog

Empower network blog gives you the power to recruit worldwide. With the internet these days it is very easy to reach all corners of the earth. Empower network blog is already built with traffic and Seo (search engine optimization) With Empower network blog, you will make a TON of residual money paid to you daily. Here is how Empower network blog works.

Empower Network

Empower Network

Empower Network

NOW…that you understand better. You need to know how fast this is growing. Empower Network blog Pre- Launched in the summer of 2011. They went full boat in the fall 2011 and now they are 28,000 members strong. They are adding 300-400 people daily. This is NEW folks and you WANT to get in now. Click the link to the left

and sign up now!

This is simple;

  1. JOIN with the $25.00 a month basic membership.
  2. Set up your ewallet ($19.95) inside of Empower Network blog. Your ewallet is the merchant account you have inside the network. **This is required as Empower network blog no longer pays through PayPal**
  3. Get My Blog Training! (I will send this to you for free)
  4. START BLOGGING!! Get results right away.
  5. Email Blast your lists! (If your already a veteran in affiliate marketing)

START HERE; Empower network blog.


Once you start getting results right away, you will want to upgrade your products as soon as possible, as laid out in the longer compensation video below for Empower network blog.

Empower Network blog is the real deal folks. If you have a lead list that trusts you and has followed you with loyalty, you will get to $1,000.00 a day in a few weeks. That might even be conservative. Empower Network blog has been tested, tried, trials and errors are all worked out.

Empower network blog was created by Dave Sharpe and Dave Wood. They wanted to create a compensation plan that would pay 100% commissions and that has never been done. Until Now

See the latest Empower network blog by Dave Sharpe:

The Real SECRET OF Why So Many People Are “ALL IN” With Empower Network blog

See the latest empower network blog by Dave Wood:

$1,000 A Day In The Month Of May (Affiliate Update)

Dave Sharpe and Dave Wood know what they are doing and the vision has worked out perfectly with Empower network blog. I know Empower network blog has been built and driving long enough to know, Empower network blog is here to stay.

Empower Network blog is a clean machine and all you have to do is drive it!

Contact me if you have any questions about Empower network blog.

For More Information on Empower Network blog, you can go here;


You can learn more about me here: Justin’s daily pay

Read my blogs on:

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ZNZ Rocking the industry!

JOIN MY FACEBOOK GROUP Free Business training

Empower Network blog work at home.

Give your self a 2500% Raise with Empower network blog.

Empower Network blog is for you, Empower Network blog is for me


Online Marketing
Add blog to our blog directory.


You must Know HOW To Have persistence

On Line Marketing is a challenge for anybody at first. You have to get your marketing out there, witch requires you to have persistence.

You also have SO much to learn, it becomes impossible to cram it all in. It takes time, which will require you to have persistence.

I have found more and more people drop out of something they built and put hard earned sweat equity in to it. The reasons we hear?

it doesn’t work, I have been doing this for a week and nothing.

this is a lot of work, I didn’t expect it to be this hard.

I don’t know how you are making money, when I can not get anything going.

How do I get paid again?

The last one is my favorite. If you have gotten as far as marketing a business and you do not know how you are going to get paid. Well it might be time to.


The rest of the comments we hear are normal. People want to make money right away, they are excited after all. They have to have persistence. Period. There are no get rich quick schemes out there (well maybe a couple) But I have not found any yet.

You have to build your business and you have to have persistence. Building any business has to have persistence behind it. You can not have a vision and think you will take a 500 mph Speed Train there.

have persistence

have persistence

You Must Have Persistence!

As Brian Tracy says, keep trying. Watch that video above. I have personally met Brian Tracy and had private training with him.

Brian Tracy always says if you do not have persistence, you should not be working for yourself.

If you are new to internet marketing and you are looking to make some money, You must first know how to have persistence.

If you do not have another income source, or a Spouse, Partner or roommate, It will be a little tougher. But you must have persistence and keep doing what others are doing that make money on this crazy thing we call the “Net”

Do you think the leaders in the organization you are working made $500.00 a day starting? or $1,000.00 a day of the get go? NO they did not.

They have persistence and the still do. The have a vision and a goal that takes a lot of determination and most of all, they have persistence.

You need to start by setting goals, find your numbers within your business to achieve them goals. Start with smaller goals to achieve the big goals.

Keep pushing forward and have persistence. Do what your leaders are doing with the understanding that they to had to have persistence.

They too had to work their tails off to make it happen for them. They still are working their tails off and still have persistence and determination to keep getting better at what they do.

You will always be learning and bettering your craft, after all, that’s what we are made of.

Remember “have persistence” it pays off.

You can learn more about me here Justin’s Daily Pay

You can start your online business here Work At Home!

You can join my Business Training Group Here FREE TRAINING!

Have persistence everyone!

Justin Middaugh


Have Persistence right now!

Make a decision to have persistence and have persistence with that!

If you learn how to have persistence, it will help you in life. In just our family lives we have to have persistence.

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